Interbalkan Capital was established in Athens, Greece, aiming to provide top level financing, investment, strategic and restructuring advisory for companies and funds in Greece and the Balkans. In this context, the firm also offers top level Real Estate advisory & intermediation services.

The main areas of activity and specialization of the firm are:

•  Corporate Finance
•  Investment management
•  Strategy formulation
•  Company restructuring & change management
•  Institutional program management, implementation and evaluation
•  Real Estate Services.


People are the main pillar of our excellence and future. We are a team of highly motivated individuals developing a shared vision and growing through joint efforts. We celebrate our successes as a team, regardless of individual contributions. We welcome diversity and challenge ourselves to find ways to benefit from it.

The firm has experts/consultants with many years international professional experience in banks and big corporations to allow for a global perspective, together with the necessary specialization. It has also created a network of consultants in all Balkan countries to be able to provide local expertise whenever required.


Our main offices are in the center of Athens, Greece. However through the network of experts/consultants we are effectively present in every Balkan country.