Changes in capital markets, pressure on government budgets and the reduction of reliance on government funds and bank borrowing, have increased the need for smart financing of projects, strategic plans and new investments.

•  We carry out business due diligence assessments and provide valuations using state-of-the-art techniques, emphasizing competitive position, cost structure, new plans and restructuring moves.
•  We act as advisors in acquisition projects providing valuations, intermediation services and performing negotiations.
•  We act as advisors in complex transactions, privatizations and public private partnership (PPP) schemes.
•  We prepare project feasibility studies, evaluate project proposals and organize project financing.
•  We advise companies on appopriate capital structure to support current position and strategy.
•  We act as advisors in negotiations with banks in refinancing and rescheduling of loans in the context of a company & business restructuring.

Our key areas of expertise include:

•  Business due diligence
•  Company Valuations
•  Merger & acquisition advisory
•  Concessions (PPPs)
•  Privatizations
•  Feasibility studies, project appraisal & financing
•  Negotiations for refinancing and rescheduling


In the current environment that creates investment opportunities in various areas and asset classes, from stock markets to real estate, a global experience and understanding is required for the right choice of investment that might differ from country to country. Investment insight and a good understanding of capital markets allow us also for a sophisticated approach to stock markets, with objectivity and impartial position.

•  We assess investment climate at the macro level, as well as the micro one.
•  We compare alternative investment areas for better choice of investment focus.
•  We provide insights of local capital markets, with emphasis on stock markets.
•  We assist in negotiations for new investments, in the government level, for the achievement of all necessary approvals and the formation of partnerships and investment schemes.
•  We intermediate between sellers and buyers in transactions that require confidentiality and anonymity in initial stages.

Our key areas of expertise include:

•  Assessment of investment climate and investment areas
•  Evaluation of investment opportunities
•  Advisory in negotiations
•  Intermediation
•  Insight of capital markets


A deep understanding of key issues across multiple sectors enables us to provide strategic insight on global trends and developments and assist decision makers in formulating their agenda and renewing their strategy to respond to changing conditions.

•  We can ensure successful implementation of strategic change for existing firms and provide effective support to potential new market entrants. This is complemented by our extensive exposure and understanding of markets in transition economies.
•  We define and evaluate strategic options and support the development of an overall strategy.
•  We develop customer interfacing strategies for retailing and services and assess performance of networked based organizations.
•  We identify key organizational, communication and cultural aspects needed to support effective and sustainable strategy implementation.

Our key areas of expertise include:

•  Strategy review & diagnostics
•  Market analysis & evaluation
•  Strategy & policy development
•  Business planning


The alignment of a company’s organizational components with its strategy is prerequisite for success. Our expertise in designing new operational structures and systems enables us to support our clients in delivering results in line with shareholder expectations and customer needs.

•  We develop appropriate organisational structures and key operating procedures.
•  We evaluate business processes and redesign them to fit organisation's strategy and dynamics.
•  We design state-of-the-art management systems to support and monitor performance.
•  We design effective Key Performance Indicators and related systems, appropriate for measuring performance & fostering high efficiency culture.
•  We manage complex transition programmes to ensure lasting change and smooth implementation of new structures, processes and systems.

Our key areas of expertise include:

•  Organizational architecture
•  Process design
•  System design
•  Pay & performance
•  Transition management


Our clients in this field include governments, donors and major institutions implementing large scale projects across different countries and industries, as well as private sector companies which need to implement complex programs. The scale and complexity of projects often require significant expertise and resources not only for management, but also for successful implementation.

Our key areas of expertise include:

•  Preparation & design
•  Management, Implementation and supervision
•  Evaluation
•  Monitoring


Our services reflect disciplined research, strategic thinking, creativity, in depth local knowledge and global perspective.

•  We represent our clients to commercial real estate transactions
•  We undertake portfolio valuations, analysis & disposals
•  We support our clients in rent reviews, lease renewals and lease restructures
•  We offer property investment advice to corporations, property companies, public sector and private clients
•  We provide property management consultancy and integrated solutions aiming to add value and assure quality processes.

Our key areas of expertise include:

•  Valuations
•  Commercial Brokerage
•  Property Investment advisory
•  Property management

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